Stay With My Words

Would you go into a group class and completely buck what the teacher is teaching? Unless you’re an asshole, likely the answer is no. Why would a yoga class be any different? After having my second baby, I would warn teachers that I may not attempt certain hips movements bc I was still in recovery. Truth be told I don’t open my hips in certain poses bc it creates a vacuum in my vagina and loud noises soon follow. Nevertheless, I modify and I feel obligated to tell the teacher ahead of time. Why? Because as a fellow yoga teacher myself I put a lot of thought and effort into my classes. I pick apex pose each week and methodically build a sequence that will safely and efficiently get my students to the top of the mountain. So when I look out and see someone going rogue, I get annoyed. 

I understand the idea behind letting students move in a way that speaks to them. Which is why I often practice alone. I do whatever I want and let noises escape from my body without hesitation. But when I step into another teacher's class, I do what they instruct. Out of respect for the teacher, but more importantly the class. There is something beautiful about a room of bodies moving and breathing in unison, I dare not mess with the magic of group energy. 

I know this isn't very yogic of me. Maybe you are move evolved than I am. I believe in reincarnation, I think. I am fairly certain that I am new here. Maybe in another lifetime I will be comfortable with you doing whatever you want in my class, but for now please stay with my words.