Hot Power Vinyasa Let's talk about heat! The Hot in HPV implies that you'll sweat. We pride ourself on our heating system, not only is the room hot but it's humid. So you'll sweat without drying out.

Power means you'll get stronger. And you know what builds strength? Controlled movement. We're all about a safe practice but we want to make your muscles shake.

Finally, WTF does vinyasa mean? Simply put connecting yoga poses but it's more than that. You will learn to use your breath to move. Once you learn breath and movement, you're in a moving meditation and it's M A G I C


McCool* a McCool Method inspired class is built on the idea that repetition creates the master! Each McCool Method class builds up to a sequence of poses that is first broken down to offer modifications and focus on alignment. From there you flow through the same sequence with more fluidity and freedom allowing you to explore YOUR yoga practice.

Barkan* a Barkan Method inspired class fuses vinyasa and Hot 26 (aka Bikram Yoga) poses. With this method you can identify progress in your practice as each Barkan inspired class is built around the same 5 vinyasa flows.

Baptiste* a Baptiste power yoga class is a muscle-shaping, mind-sculpting workout that has many benefits; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This class has the power to transform your body and revive your spirit, raising your vitality and physical power, empowering you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence.  

Intro Hot Power Vinyasa is for anyone new to yoga or looking to clean up their practice. Chautranga (yoga push up) takes years to master so check your ego! Our Intro to HPV has a blueprint so the class will start to feel familiar and you'll see where you're progressing in your practice. You'll be in our regular HPV classes in no time!

Hot 26 is the original hot yoga class, also known as Bikram Yoga. It consists of a series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises performed in a specific order. This series systematically works every muscle, tendon, ligament, organ, gland, cell and joint in the body, while simultaneously improving concentration, patience and determination. While the series is challenging and requires discipline and commitment, it is a great foundational class to build strength, flexibility, endurance, mental fortitude and breath awareness. This class is highly recommended for any new or experienced practitioner.

Guided 26 a spin on the classic series, this class is for anyone familiar with Hot 26. Led by example as a certified instructor practices with the class. This model allows the experienced practitioner to tap into their inner teacher. Practiced in a hot room, this class leaves you feeling detoxified and refreshed from the inside out. 

Warm Vin to Yin If you yang, you must yin! Life is hectic and it is often hard to find time for a more restorative practice. This class will help you find balance both physically and mentally. Class begins with a vigorous power vinyasa practice to get your heart pumping. Then we shift gears and drop into longer stretchy holds - Ooey gooey goodness; you'll feel like butta! The Warm in WVY implies that the room is not hot but you'll likely see a few drops of sweat hit your mat.

Candlelit Yin + Meditation Yin Yoga involves holding restorative, non-muscular poses for longer periods of time to gently stretch and lengthen connective tissues. A perfect compliment to your Yang (vinyasa) practice. This class creates strength, openness, and healing deep in the joints, ligaments, and tendons. Students can create a wider range of motion, find more depth in postures, and increase stamina, energy, and equanimity through Yin Yoga.