Staci McCool

staci mccool

"I am inspired by the people I spend time with… but time and time again, I come back to my mom.  She is the biggest inspiration I’ll ever have."

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

“I was dealing with a sudden onset of anxiety in my mid twenties. Like, throw a blanket over your head, can’t get out of bed anxiety and I didn’t know where to turn. Someone (I don’t recall who) suggested Yoga. So I dabbled in some vinyasa classes, but nothing worked. I became enraged when told to lift one leg in down dog. 

Fast forward a few months and it was my 25th birthday. My then fiancé, now husband and baby daddy, took me to Manhattan to celebrate and pick out my wedding band for our impending nuptials.  It was the most beautiful day, bluest skies, and the magnolias trees were in full bloom. We checked into our hotel and they upgraded us to a suite. But on the drive down I-87 it was all I could do to keep it together. Once we arrived in the city, the people and noise suffocated me. So we got into our suite and I curled into bed and threw the sheets over my head. Every fear any human experiences throughout a lifetime ran rampant through my mind. And it didn’t stop for a long time. 

I came home from that trip and sought help from our family doctor. Of course I was prescribed medicine and at first it made things worse. I was terrified. I didn’t know who I was. 

Then, one day, I took a bikram class. I’ll never forget that day either. I walked into the studio and could hardly breathe the air was so thick. I had a cheap mat and beach towel. Everyone was so serious, I was incredibly intimidated. Once class got started I wondered what the hell I was doing and thought ‘these people are insane’. I knew I’d never go back.

However, I walked out of that class a different person from who walked in.  In 90 minutes I experienced a foundational shift in my being. Someone once said, the two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why. 

That class was the first time I meditated, although I didn’t know it or even what that was at the time. I didn’t think of my fears of death, inadequacy, or failure. I was just breathing, and moving. It cleansed me. So I went back the next day, and the next and the rest is history.”

“I teach from my practice, I don’t know how to teach what I can’t feel. When I adopted this, I truly became a teacher.  Force nothing, skip the damn Chaturanga or get on your knees!  Effort and ease, if you get in a pose and can’t breathe you took a wrong turn.

I teach McCool Method, Hot 26, and Barkan.  I plan to do a Yin training later this year. I plan to do a training every year really, I can’t get enough of this shit.”

Staci has been practicing yoga since 2012 and teaching since 2014.  She did her 200-hr training with Evolution Yoga.  Her classes are strong and focused.  She is certified in Vinyasa Barkan Method, and recently studied w Jason Crandell.

All the passion with the right work.  You most definitely want to take her class. 


jill collet 

“I tend to draw inspiration from mother nature and being on the mat. 

I teach both $5 drop-ins that the studio offers.  Making yoga accessible is important!”

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why'

“My yoga practice is nineteen years old.  Pranayama and meditation where informally introduced to me as a child by my older siblings.   Later, asana cane to me through two of my childhood friends when we were in our 20s.  One living in NYC, one in CA and me in CO.  We had untied for a weekend in CO and they taught me my first sun salutation in my living room.  I’ve been teaching for about eight years, now.”

Jill finished her 300-hr with Balanced Yoga, and continues to attend workshops and trainings.  Certified in Yin, Vinyasa, and recently, the Barkan Method, it’s the lethal combo of Vinyasa, heat and a set series all in one studio that keeps Jill on fire. 

She currently teaches Barkan, Hot 26 and Vinyasa. 


mira lowenstein

“If/when I feel my personal practice or my classes getting stale, my first move is to take someone else's class.  I love utilizing the app Yogaglo because it allows me to really get out of my own head - experiencing someone else’s words and styles is so necessary to keep things fresh.”

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

“My childhood and teenage years were mostly spent in a ballet studio.  It was there that my fascination with how the human body is put together and functions during movement truly began.  Seven years ago I took my first yoga class randomly with my mom.  When I was growing up she had always done yoga classes via VHS tapes, which I think is funny, but on that day she was ready to try a studio so there we were.  By the end of the class muscles I didn’t know that existed were shaking, I was sweating profusely, and smiling ear to ear.  Needless to say, I was hooked.”

Mira has been teaching in Columbus for four years.  Her classes and teaching style tend to focus on strength, intention, and asking yourself ‘why?’  With a background in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Mira understands the anatomy and mechanics behind asana from a expanded perspective.

“I’ve been teaching at Bluespot for a year and a half.  I teach Deep Stretch, Hot Flo-mission, and I am one of the Teacher Trainers.  I think that the Bluespot community is one of the most amazing, supportive, and tight knit group of people I have ever encountered.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!"

Never taken a class w Mira?  Should be on your priority list - just sayin.


kati potts

"I take quite a bit of inspiration from books, and from some of my teacher mentors.  I love to explore, experiment and play with postures and sequences.  You’ll definitely see influence from my personal practice in my teaching.  It’s only natural."

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

“I started practicing yoga soon after my dad passed away.  Around 2011.  It allowed me to be able to feel some peace and calm during a time when my heart felt it’s heaviest.”

Kati has been teaching yoga since 2013, on the mat and paddle board!  An unstoppable force, Kati’s teachings come from the heart.  

“My sequences and themes typically reflect what’s going on in my own personal practice.  I believe Yoga is constantly changing and evolving.  I keep my mind open to changes in my teaching and I try to expand my learning as much as I can so that I can offer safe and effective classes for my students.  I believe every student is their own teacher.  I am there to support you with kindness, compassion and love.  But ultimately, it’s up to the student to decide what they want to learn about themselves on the mat and how (and if) they want to use that personal feedback off the mat.”

She completed her 200-hr with Burn Yoga and currently teaches Warm Vin-to-Yin and Hot Flo-mission at Bluespot. 

“I fell in love with Staci the second I met her.  Some people just have good vibes and energy that you are naturally drawn to.  She’s definitely one of them.  Once I took a class at Bluespot, I realized the whole community is the same way.  Everyone is open-minded, there is no judgement - it’s the best family.  We support each other in personal growth and practice.  I am beyond grateful for this studio and feel quite honored that I get to teach here.”


sally walsh roberts

“I love my Bexley gals - the energy is always positive and lighthearted.  I’ve been teaching Hot Vinyasa here at Bluespot since the doors opened.”

on 'when yoga came into my life and why'

“I’ve been practicing for twenty-five years and teaching for fifteen.  I first stumbled into yoga as a kid, with some books I found at my grandma’s house.  In the 90’s I went to a class with my mom down in Florida.  Finally a few classes here in Columbus with Kathleen Lewis and then I found Ashtanga and my practice took off from there.” 

Sally’s classes tend to be uplifting and invigorating.  Her sharp humor and clever wit can be sure to make an appearance mid-flow.  Sally completed her 200-hr with ‘It’s Yoga Columbus’ and continues to train in trauma based programs; Ember and yoga gangsters; Yin; Pranayama and SUP. 

She continues to train in Ashtanga, Anusara, Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy. Her influences come from the teachings of Sianna Sherman, Seane Corn, Vicki Sorensen, John Friend, Paul Grilley, Sr. Pat Rooks and Laurel Hodory.  Sally hopes to share the energy, insight, peace & happiness with her students that yoga has brought to her.

Make sure you catch Sally’s flow - she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve.


abra goldman

"I love how the lessons of yoga remind me of what is truly important in life.  I believe that my practice has made me a happier and healthier person on the inside and out."

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

“I have always been very physically active - gymnast, runner, field hockey player…etc.  After the birth of my first son I wanted to get back into shape.  A friend and I wandered into a newly opened yoga studio purely out of curiosity.  We knew very little about the practice since yoga was not yet mainstream.  For a while, the practice was purely physical for me (or so I thought:)).  Then things began to shift.  I loved the way asana made me feel but overtime I became more and more open to surrendering to the mental practice.  Ultimately, I think it was the methodology that kept me coming back to my mat.   I have also learned to cherish moments – a tree blowing in the wind, the stars in a beautiful night sky, the sound my children’s voices, the vibrancy of a flower, the amazing taste of a good meal."

Abra has been practicing for 15 years and teaching for 8 of those.  She completed her 200-hr with Marni Task in Cleveland, which was Jivamukti and Anusara focused.  Her classes are dynamic and powerful - practicing ahimsa and connection.

Originally from Bexley, Abra was excited to hear of Bluespot YOGA and knew she wanted to be a part of it.

“Staci McCool is an amazing teacher.  She is not only a business owner but works to live her yoga.  I am inspired by her.  I grew up in Bexley and want to help bring yoga to the community.  I teach Hot Vinyasa and Happy Power Hour.  I am also one of the Teacher Trainers for the 200-hr program.”

We love Abra and know you will, too.  


johnny lamotte

"My core teaching values are connection, humanity and realism.  I look for inspiration anywhere.  Anything with an energy, a rhythm, a pulse.  I’m drawn to movement, music, art and ideas that pique my curiosity and that term with life.  I’m always down to try something new."

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

“Yoga came into my life at a mental and emotional low point, and for all intents and purposes, it set my soul on fire. I found on my mat a path abound with realizations, opportunities for growth, and ways to integrate my mind and body. To this day, the practice is what grounds, motivates and nourishes me.”’

Johnny has been practicing since 2015 and teaching since 2017 - he brings fresh perspective.  

“I teach Hot Flo-mission and Hot Vinyasa and I am Reiki II.  I think that brings something different than the other instructors.  The teachers and students at Bluespot are more like a family than most studios. Bluespot is a place where you’ll meet and connect with wonderful human beings.”

Johnny completed his 200-hr training at Yoga Six and is also a licensed massage therapist.  Be sure to book with him next time you’re in the studio!


julie gardner

"I go to my practice and my teachers for inspiration.  When I teach I lead with mindfulness - the needs of my students are important.  I believe in teaching from a place of authenticity and it is essential and incredibly important to listen to your body."

on ‘when yoga came into your life and why’

“I picked up yoga in 2013 during my professional internship.  It was a very stressful time.  I came to yoga to unwind and destress and stayed for its amazing benefits to my overall being.”

Julie has been teaching yoga since 2015.  She completed her teacher training here at Bluespot with Staci and was in the first 200-hr program.  Julie has a background in dietetics and works as a RD when she’s not teaching or taking class.

“I go to my practice and my teachers for inspiration.  When I teach I lead with mindfulness - the needs of my students are important.  I believe in teaching from a place of authenticity and it is essential and incredibly important to listen to your body.

I wanted to teach at Bluespot because I knew it would challenge me and make me a better teacher. I really admire everything that Staci has built here and wanted to continue to learn from her strong example.”

Julie teaches hot 26 and subs for vinyasa!  Be sure to catch her class - she brings the heat! 


brittany doherty

"My teachings will always have an underlying impression of wisdom, compassion and love.  I believe whole-heartedly that yoga is not only a method to heal the body but it can heal the mind."

on ‘when yoga came into my life and why’

Yoga found BrittanyMarie after many injuries and two major surgeries relating to her hip and ankle. From there she found an appreciation and love of the yoga practice. After her two major surgeries and being told she would never be able to partake in athletics again, she knew she had to find another way. Yoga.  From the start, she rehabilitated herself through the yogic philosophies and found her way back to the field and has even started to compete in Triathlons. She is inspired to help everyone through the yogic philosophies and is a firm believer that everything is possible. 

“I’ve been teaching yoga for four years.  I've seen it work in myself and so many others and I'm beyond honored to have the ability to share the gift of Yoga with others."

Brittany completed her 200-hr  in NYC at the Mang’ Oh Studio.  With further certifications in trauma and addiction, prison yoga, yoga gangsters Ayurvedic wellness + lifestyle coaching, Yin Yoga, and Reiki I, Brittany is a wealth of knowledge.  

“I was drawn to Bluespot because of a shared experience.  Staci is from my hometown, Grove City.  She also lived in NYC and moved back to Ohio.  She’s awesome, fun, corky, to the point.  There’s a lot of respect and admiration for what she does and her studio.  It feels like home.  The teachers are amazing and everyone that walks through the studio doors is incredible in their own way.  We’re a family.  It’s a great thing to be a part of.  I’m excited to be teaching Yin + Meditation.”


emma walsh

“I lost someone I loved to suicide and their family too me in and invited me to a Bikram yoga class.  Yoga became my therapy in the process of healing.  I’ve been practicing since 2016 and was one of the trainees in Staci’s first 200-hr.”

Emma currently teaches vin-to-yin at the studio - and she teaches classes at the cat cafe… M E O W!

“I’m still figuring out my teaching voice and my core values.  It’s so nice to have the opportunity to work with Staci and the entire Bluespot team to continue my work with teaching.”


jeffy hill pellman

Jeffy has been practicing pilates since 2001 and teaching it since 2003 - certified in New York for Comprehensive Pilates. 

“When I teach, I want to show that your mind has power over your body and that you can accomplish anything.  I often look to other teachers for inspiration.  I’ve been teaching at Bluespot for about a year… I love the group energy - the family - and the heat!”

Make sure you get in to see Jeffy before she heads out to Cali!